The consignment program is simple and easy!! Let us sell your shoes for you!!! The process is 85/15. Which means, the seller will collect 85% of the selling price and 15% goes to Laced Up Boutique. Remember Consignment is NOT A BUYBACK!!! Laced UP Boutique will cover shipping cost for all items sold or shipped to Laced Up. Once the items are shipped to us we are solely responsible for the items. Consignment is offered everday. Consignment agreements run a minimum of 30 days. Pay outs will be made at the end of the 30 day agreement or 72 hours after all items are sold if before the 30 day mark.

Rules for consignment

  • We will not consign, any fakes,B-grades, early release or damaged shoes
  • There is a $15.00 charge to terminate early consignment contract
  • Shoes must meet our standard to be considered a item to consign
  • We will come to terms between Laced UP Boutique LLC and the customer on a selling price
  • Please have valid ID
  • Allow 72 hours after your item is purchased and process to receieve your payment from Laced Up Boutique LLC.


If this is something that interests you, please call us today and Schedule a time to come in for a consultation or email detail photos of items to and for more info!

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